Friday, October 3, 2014

The $1.00 no reserve auction on ebay.

When I first started selling over 12 years ago, ebay was in it's prime. It was popular among doll and bear makers to do a one dollar auction and watch the bidders clamor to your listing. Your view counter would tick over 600 and watchers would stack up almost hourly.
I've been away from ebay for a long time but I thought I would try the $1.00 auction again to see if it is as it once was. The risk is low, and I was hoping to bring more attention to the name Tindle Bears.
However I find the rumors are true and ebay is no longer amass with curious collectors. 
But this could be an epic chance for you! I have listed a mini Tindle Bear for $1.00 no reserve. As of this posting the highest bid was only $10.50!!! Lil' Waif is a sweet little suede bear valued much higher than his current bid. So have a look! Make a bid! Take home a Tindle Bear :)