Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Original Floppit

 In response to the lagging economy I tried to come up with a fun product that could easily be afforded...
Enter The Floppit!

The concept art for the Floppit actually originated on the back of a restaurant place mat
during a visit to a local restaurant while waiting on our food.
I thought, "That's actually pretty cute!" and I took the place mat home and filed it away. 
I still have it LOL!

Each Floppit is number numerically in the order it was made...

I'm currently on #133 as of this posting :)

When I started perfecting the pattern for my Floppits I realized how versatile they were. I could make ANY face, animal or character I wanted. But it took the idea from a 7 year old to get me to realize that not only could I make limitless faces, SO COULD YOU! hence the blank Design Your Own Floppit pictured above.

Of course as a teddy bear artist I have a huge stockpile of fur...
so what happens when a Floppit falls into a batch of leopard print fur?
I give you "Mini Tindles"

And here is what happens when a Mini Tindle falls into a vat of high grade caustic chemicals...
well not really hehe.
The MadD Katz collection

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