Sunday, January 26, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't my child play with your bears?
     Tindle Bears are artist teddy bears made specifically for adult collectors or older teens. They are weighted for a heavier feel. Their jointed limbs can not support the weight during the rigors of play. Every Tindle Bear also has small parts and fine details that are not meant to be stressed during playtime activities. For the safety of your child I advise against giving your Tindle Bear to anyone under the age of 15 or 16.

Why are they so expensive?
    Several reasons!
    A lot of time goes into creating each bear individually. It can take upwards of 16 hours to make a single large Tindle Bear. There is no assembly line in my studio.
    Each pattern was drafted and tested before it became a viable product. Plus, you won't find these bears anywhere else as I do not sell my patterns.
    I use premium supplies to bring you the highest quality artist teddy bear.
    You're not just paying for a bear, you're paying for an heirloom piece of hand crafted art,  quality materials and hours of labor.

Did you make them yourself?
    YES!!! I make each Tindle Bear from start to finish! Each different design you see is a different pattern that began as concept art. The concept art was then adapted into a paper pattern that has been tested and tried to perfection. Most of the accessories that come with your Tindle Bear were also handmade by me.

Do you do custom orders?
    Yes and no.  Yes, I can make a custom order during the off season.
    Unfortunately I am not able to take custom orders during the peak times of July thru Christmas.

Are you on Etsy?
    Visit our website at
    I am also on artfire at
    Follow my Blog at
    Like us on facebook at
    We are also on Pinterest, Twitter and Flickr
    You can also email us anytime at

Do you ship internationally?
     Absolutely! Contact me with your city and post code so that I can get you a quote. Be advised though, I am not familiar with the customs fees internationally so be sure to check with your post office as to what charges you might be responsible for I have sent many bears internationally and know there can be high fees on your end.

Where are you from?
    I live in Xenia, Ohio in the United States. With my wonderful husband, son, dogs and cat.

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