Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a few of the faces you will see at the show...

Louscious (Loosh-us) is 23" tall made out of a fabulous soft faux fur. He features handsculpted eye backs with german glass eyes and a hand sculpted nose. He's a handsome boy!

"Posey" is 23" tall made of hand dyed mohair fabric. Her petal collar is made of hand dyed velvet petals resting on a varigated yarn collar. She features german glass eyes, velvet leaf accents and a hand made chenille bumble bee to keep her company. Her head is orange, her body is green and her collar is magenta/fuscia to replicate an echinacia flower.

"Fin" is the second bear to come out of Tindle Bear studios with a hand stitched open mouth. He measures 24" tall and features handsculpted german glass eyes a hand sculpted nose and hand sculpted teeth. His tounge and mouth were extensively needle sculpted for realism.

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