Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is "Odin" a 23" artist teddy bear made from long pile white faux fur. Odin features 20 hand sculpted, hand tinted claws and hand sculpted german glass eyes. He also has embroidered paw pads, a design exclusive to Tindle Bears. His face has been extensively needle sculpted to give him his impish grin and his nose has been embroidered with complimenting colors and sealed. As with all my bears, they come to you with a certificate of authenticity and hand burned wooden tag indicating their name, company name, and artist signiture. Odin has already caused quite a stir so don't miss him at the show!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a few of the faces you will see at the show...

Louscious (Loosh-us) is 23" tall made out of a fabulous soft faux fur. He features handsculpted eye backs with german glass eyes and a hand sculpted nose. He's a handsome boy!

"Posey" is 23" tall made of hand dyed mohair fabric. Her petal collar is made of hand dyed velvet petals resting on a varigated yarn collar. She features german glass eyes, velvet leaf accents and a hand made chenille bumble bee to keep her company. Her head is orange, her body is green and her collar is magenta/fuscia to replicate an echinacia flower.

"Fin" is the second bear to come out of Tindle Bear studios with a hand stitched open mouth. He measures 24" tall and features handsculpted german glass eyes a hand sculpted nose and hand sculpted teeth. His tounge and mouth were extensively needle sculpted for realism.